A trip through the bayou

As I walked into “Death Water Bayou,” I was greeted by a levitating Voodoo Queen, which was merely a distraction for the scare that would bring the loudest scream, one of her minions popping out at me.
From the moment I first screamed until the very end, I had to keep telling myself over and over again, “Do not swear and do not punch anyone.”
The element that scared me most with this house was the complete darkness, almost pitch-blackness that led me to bump into a wall- twice.
Yes, at the age of 31, I can admit I am afraid of the dark.
Though I would have loved to see the elaborate décor of the house, and hopefully a hint of where the scares would come from,  I am very grateful that I could not see the one thing that would have sent me running straight through that house like a bat out of hell.
I was later told a live snake was somewhere in the house.
There is nothing that scares me more than a snake. I don’t care what kind or how big, if I see a snake, I will dream about them all night: Dreams of them chasing me, eating me – Just being very snake-y. I don’t like them.
Overall, I enjoyed the house. There were a few times the scares pre-maturely jumped out, however they did catch me off guard more often then not. But I  loved the darkness and the fear of the unknown.
You can catch the full experience through the “scream cam” at