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Twerking is overrated


Miley Cyrus has made this word apart of almost everyone’s vocabulary across the country. After her VMA performance Cyrus tweeted that her VMA performance had 306,000 tweets per minute. This is more than the Super Bowl.

Sadly, Cyrus’ VMA performance has received much more popularity over a major world issue, the Syrian crisis. Some are probably unaware of the whole crisis, because they were so entranced by Cyrus.

This is a serious problem with today’s society. An obscene dance performance triumphs in the news over warfare and hundreds of deaths in Syria. Our society seems to be turning a blind eye to serious world issues.

Twerking should not be the talk in people’s everyday conversation, sure it is worth a laugh when it happened, but is it really worth ignoring the pertinent issue of warfare in Syria? Instead, our society has made it acceptable to make the topic of Cyrus shaking her butt and flopping a foam finger between her legs the talk of the dinner table.

Not only does this lack of concern for such serious news make our society look ignorant, but it is also setting a horrible example for upcoming generations. Society has taught children that celebrities and pop culture have greater importance than world issues. We are setting the future of our society up for failure.

If you asked any teenager on the street what his or her opinion on twerking was, you could probably get an answer in a matter of seconds. Ask those same teenagers what their opinion on the affairs in Syria and their confused looks are a glimpse of what our society is turning into.

Pop culture is an important part of our society, but only to a certain extent. At some point the line will have been so far crossed it sends our society into a downward spiral. The U.S. will not be taken seriously around the world if our focus is on obscene dance moves.

Cyrus’ appalling spectacle will be forgotten in a matter of weeks, along with all the other past stunts pulled at the VMAs over the years. On the other hand, the chemical attacks on the people of Syria along with the final decisions of the United Nations will have far-reaching social and political effects. At the end of the day, twerking is just another fad and it will be Syria that makes it into the history textbooks for future generations to learn.