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Jamie Kennedy balances film, stand-up comedy

Since funnyman Jamie Kennedy hit the silver screen with his role as horror film expert Randy Meeks in the 1996 film “Scream,” he has set out to make a brand for himself.

Tackling film, television, stand-up comedy, music and even the literary world, Jamie Kennedy has taken the comedic circuit by storm.

Though he is best known for his role as rapper B-Rad in the 2003 film “Malibu’s Most Wanted,” he has had several roles that have helped him become a household name, including his own hidden camera show titled, “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment.”

Kennedy is currently taking his stand-up act on tour and will be
performing Thursday through Saturday at Side Splitters Comedy Club in Tampa. Tickets are $25.  

The Oracle spoke with Kennedy about his tour, busy schedule and upcoming projects.

The Oracle (O): What is it like to be on tour and filming at the same time?

Jamie Kennedy (JK): It is nuts. I just shot a movie, “Feels So Good,” in Utah, where I played a teacher. Then I went on tour starting in Phoenix, and then I flew to New York, then to Jacksonville and now Tampa. It’s hard, but it’s good. I’m busy. I do stand up on the weekends and film on the weekdays. 

O: How many projects are you currently working on? 

JK: I just wrapped up “Feels so Good.” I host a new show on The CW on Monday nights called “Oh Sit!” which is an intense game of musical chairs. I just sold a new comedy court show called “Kennedy’s Court,” which will air in September. I currently have a movie out called “Lost and Found in Armenia,” which was really fun to make. And then I’ve been on tour for a month, and I will probably continue for another month.

O: What should students expect when they come out to see your show?

JK: I have a new hour-long show I like to call “The Experiment.” I tell stories from Hollywood using
different character personas. Hollywood is not what people think it is. I get really personal and tell
different stories about my life. There are a lot of stories that I can’t tell you now. You wouldn’t be able to publish them in the newspaper. 

O: Have you thought about doing another college tour?

JK: Oh man, I have done it many times. I even played FSU a couple of years ago. I would love to do it again. But I have to get on a hit show again. It’s easier when you’re on a hit show. I don’t know. Sometimes (the college circuit) has the greatest crowds, but other times they are some of the toughest. They’re like, “Make me laugh, honky.”

O: You have done almost everything in entertainment; is there anything you haven’t done that you want to do?

JK: I haven’t directed yet. I would really like to build on my brand more. I would like to be known as, ‘Jamie Kennedy, maker of
content,’ if that makes sense – kind of like ‘Tyler Perry presents…’ or Judd Apatow or Billy Madison Productions. All of those guys
have their own brand. I want to build up my name more so I can do the things that I want to do as opposed to being for hire. I
would like to actually do a movie where I get to make out with the
girl for a change. I’m always the friend, sheesh