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Prominent leaders to leave USF

Karen Holbrook

Karen Holbrook, senior vice president for Global Affairs and International Research and former senior vice president for Research and Innovation announced she will retire at the end of June.

Holbrook, who is leaving USF after five years, will be succeeded by Roger Brindley, associate vice president for USF World and associate vice president for Academic Affairs.

“Dr. Holbrook has been incredibly important in shaping USF’s rising stature as a global powerhouse,” USF President Judy Genshaft wrote in an email announcing Holbrook’s retirement. “Few individuals in higher education match her expertise, her passion for research and scholarship or her insight in building great institutions. It has been USF’s extraordinary good fortune to have one of the most influential and skillful figures in higher education today as part of its leadership team.”

J. Robert SpatigAssistant Vice President for Admissions, Recruitment and Enrollment Planning J. Robert Spatig submitted his resignation last week to pursue new career opportunities.

Spatig, who has served at USF for eight years, was involved in USF’s long-term enrollment planning and the new Strategic Plan.

“Evidence of his significant impact on the institution can be found in the improving academic profile of each incoming class, our rising retention and graduation rates, the growing number of out-of-state and international students enrolling at USF, the increase in nationally competitive scholarships earned by USF undergraduates each year and the enhanced cultural diversity of the campus,” Vice Provost for Student Success Paul Dosal said in an email announcing Spatig’s resignation.—Staff report