Oracle flick picks


Summer is the season for movies. It is the time when the most anticipated films are released into theaters. Here are the films that The Oracle editors are excited to see this summer.


“Before Midnight” – May 24

Before Midnight will be the long-anticipated installment after “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset,” both which have excellent, rich dialogue between very relatable characters. To see where the protagonists have come after nine years of hiatus will be a treat for fans.

Divya Kumar, Editor in Chief


“The Purge” – June 7

The Purge is such a futuristic look into this dystopian kind of world. It seems like a perfect world except on this particular day, when all crime is legal and a mob just tear apart this family. This movie should really give a look into the inner psyche of the human mind.

Alex Rosenthal, Managing Editor


“This is the End” – June 12

I’m excited to see “This is the End” because it stars a lot of actors that are hilarious, such as James Franco and Paul Rudd, and they are all playing themselves. It just seems like it is going to be a really funny movie.

Jasmine Abney, Photo Editor


“Man of Steel” – June 14

I really like comic books, and I thought that the Brandon Routh “Superman” movie was a terrible adaptation of the comic book. I am hoping Henry Cavill as Superman in “Man of Steel” will be more successful.


Roberto Roldan


“Monster’s University” – June 21

Everyone my age saw the original when we were younger. Now all of those characters we grew to love are in college in this movie – a very relatable theme. I think that’s really cool, and I’m excited to see it.

Adam Fenster, Sports Editor


“World War Z” – June 21

I’ve always been fascinated with the post-apocalyptic, dystopian society theme. The idea that the world is turning into this mob of flesh-eating zombies and you are forever being constrained while the zombies chase you is

intriguing. And to think that it can spread like an epidemic just blows my mind. It just makes you think what can happen in a globalized society.

Konstantin Ravvin, Opinion Editor

“The Wolverine” – July 26


I have been in love with Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine since the first X-Men movie was made. I think he brings the true persona of Marvel’s Wolverine character to life. Marvel has done an amazing job with the films it has produced lately, and I cannot wait to see what it does with the next installation of this series.

Shaunda Wickham, Montage and Scene & Heard Editor