University Police on lookout for suspect in campus thefts

UP spokesman Lt. Chris Daniel said UP believes the suspect is connected to reported thefts of personal items such as wallets and cell phones on March 27 and April 23, and possibly other complaints of a suspicious person in the area.

Daniel said the suspect “blends in well” and “knows how not to be noticed” and is believed to enter office buildings around mid-morning and lunchtime.

If anyone knows the identity of the subject or sees him on campus, Daniel said he or she should call University Police at (813) 974–2628.

“The more eyes and ears we have out there, the more opportunity we have to eliminate him as a suspect or take him into custody if he is the cause of these thefts,” Daniel said.

A community crime alert was sent out by University Police on Wednesday afternoon showing images of the suspect captured on video surveillance. The suspect, who was wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts with black athletic shoes, was seen riding off on a bicycle from the USF Business Partnership Building and is wanted for questioning.

Daniel also said people should secure their belongings more safely to take an active approach to prevent future thefts.

“If you eliminate the opportunity, they will usually go elsewhere,” Daniel said. “It’s helpful if people take a proactive approach and secure their belongings out of plain sight.”— Staff Report