UnBULLieveable race joins USF Week events


Set up much like the CBS’s “Amazing Race,” the UnBULLieveable race, a new event at USF Week will kick off next Friday at 1 p.m. in the Marshall Student Center.

With clues to 12 stations which eventually end at the finish line laden with prizes, each clue will serve as a riddle to lead participants to the next location on campus with the next clue.

The race will center around campus knowledge and historical USF facts. Because the only mode of transportation students are allowed to use is walking, running or taking the Bull Runner, the time to get from place to place will still be a factor in placing at the finish line.

“This U.S. Congressman was instrumental in obtaining funds for the completion of this unique facility,” one clue reads. “Find the building that bears his name. Report to the south side for duty.”

According to the assistant directors, students are allowed to have their cell phones and laptops with them to look up the clues and help find the buildings. Most clues will only require a simple search, and a little bit of investigating.

“We’re not making it impossible,” Al Gentilini, a Campus Recreation assistant director, said. “But with $500 on line, it has to be challenging.”

There are a variety of sponsors for the event to provide several prizes and make the event free to USF students. The grand prize will be a $500 Sweetbay Supermarkets gift card, the second Place Team will receive $300 Sweetbay Supermarkets gift card, the third place team will receive a $100 Sweetbay Supermarkets gift card and the team costume contest winner will receive a $50 gift card to a local business.

Even if competitors not in it to win it, there are several hidden prizes scattered throughout the course and a raffle drawing eligible for all participants for additional prizes at the after party.

“I think students will enjoy this race because it’s not just about physical aspects, it’s something fun,” Jason Werle, a Campus Recreation assistant director, said. “We have a costume contest so students can come up with something silly, and it’s just a great way to spend a Friday afternoon, solving puzzles and seeing parts of campus they normally wouldn’t.”

All teams will consist of two people who must bring a digital or phone camera, their student IDs and comfortable shoes for running or walking. It is also recommended that students bring a bag to hold onto their findings. To prove their completion of each task, teams will have to take photos or retrieve an item from an UnBULLievable Staff member.

For each incomplete clue, participants will receive a 30-minute penalty against the team’s final time. Teams will not have the option to return to the course to solve any incomplete clues.

So far the race has about 55 registered teams and the assistant directors are expecting about 100 teams to sign-up by the end of registration.

Any students who would like to join can register at the events website, usf.edu/CampusRec/UBR. The deadline for registration is Tuesday at 9 a.m.