Five April Fool’s Day pranks that will not get you kicked out of school


April 1 is the one day during the year that a person can unlock their inner prankster without judgment being imparted upon them.

The problem that some amateur pranksters may find is how to walk the fine line between innocent fun and possibly illegal prank attacks. The Oracle searched the web to look for five fun pranks that will not get you thrown out of school or into jail.

1. Wrap it up

A popular innocent prank is to wrap everything in A dorm room up in various materials. Materials can include, but are not limited to, saran wrap, wrapping paper, aluminum foil, newspapers and postal boxes. To add an extra element of surprise, take all of your roommates’ clothes and pile them on the bed before wrapping the bed in saran wrap.


2. Give your roommate a private room

Sometimes a roommate deserves his or her own space. Take advantage of the ample space that a communal bathroom provides and move the roommate’s bed into the bathroom. They will be the only one staying in the space and with the toilet only a couple steps away, it is very convenient.


3. Hot for the Hoff

Spread the love for the original Baywatch babe, David Hasselhoff, with the ultimate tribute — print out hundreds of copies of photos of Hasslehoff and wallpaper your room with the photos. This prank can work with any image — you can remind your roommate of how awesome you are by plastering your face everywhere.


4. The ultimate game of water pong

Prank your whole pod by lining the hallway with cups filled with water. No one will be able to leave his or her room or walk down the hallway without drinking massive amounts of water first. This sounds like it has the potential for being a fire hazard, but with cups full of water, potential danger should be counteracted. Act with caution.



5. Slick me baby one more time

Replace your roommates shampoo with baby oil. Both liquids have similar consistencies and if your roommate showers first thing in the morning, the prank should go down without being noticed. The oil will leave the roommate’s hair slick all day long.