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Williams brings fresh perspective


As the Bulls prepare to take on Texas Tech on Saturday in their first game of the NCAA tournament, the contributions of freshman guard Courtney Williams could become more noticed.

Coming off the bench, Williams has been a key player for the Bulls all season with her ability to score as soon she steps on the hardwood, averaging 7.3 points per game and coming in fourth on the team.

Though she’s only a freshman, Williams’ demeanor on and off the court resembles that of a veteran player. Rather than feeling nervous about the upcoming tournament,
Williams said she’s “excited to play,” and more importantly, “ready to play.”

Williams also has proven to be successful in the locker room, meshing well with players both young and old.

Fellow freshman teammate Alisia Jenkins said she believes Williams’ energy will be essential to the team.

“She’s the spark of the team,” Jenkins said. “When she gets into the game she’s ready to play.”

Depth is always important to a team, especially in postseason play, and as Williams continues to prove her value on the bench, she may be one of USF’s best options.

Usually, inexperience is something unwanted when entering tournament play, but Williams’s demeanor is not one to be affected by pressure.

“She’s very confident,” Jenkins said. “She knows that every time she’s on the court, she’s going to score.”

Heading into the tournament, Williams has the second highest field goal percentage among players while averaging at least 10 minutes a game — making every minute count.

Entering Saturday, USF, the No. 10 seed, will have a tough matchup against the No. 7 seed, Texas Tech. But this didn’t faze Williams, she said.

“I think we have a very good chance of winning with our coaches preparing ourselves to get the win,” Williams said.

A positive attitude is infectious, and Williams may just provide the right energy for USF as it enters its second-ever NCAA tournament game.