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Walking to make the Final Cut

Fashion enthusiasts and hopeful future models mingled amid the moss-covered trees and USF bull topiary.

Students in high-heels practiced their runway-walks behind the Marshall Student Center while speakers were set up and people took their seats in anticipation of the event.

The Prestige Modeling Troupe held its Final Cut event, a fashion show style audition to find new members for the
organization. More than 18 registered competitors and several walk-on
auditioners prepared themselves Monday to flaunt their style and answer the question, What makes you interested in joining Prestige Modeling Troupe?

The Troupe has gained roughly 30 members since its founding at USF in Fall 2011 and is looking to recruit and induct some new members.

Were growing exponentially, Maya Brown, a sociology and Africana
major and a member of the Prestige Modeling Troupe, said.

Apart from hosting fashion shows, Brown said the Prestige Modeling Troupe is also community-service based student organization including holding fundraisers for local charities and
cleaning a road they adopted.

Prior to the event, the group held workshops at USF to prepare those who wanted to try out by teaching them the
fundamentals. While many people attended the clinics, they were not required to audition for the troupe.

We taught them four basic mechanics our walk, our full turns, our half turns and T-spin, Brown said.

The auditions took place in front of six
judges, who were members of the troupe. The process, open to both men and women, consisted of students strutting down an improvised runway
under a moon-like lantern to music of their choice, posing and finally answering one of the judges questions in front of an audience.

Prestige Modeling Troupe is expanding and its growing fast and Im really
excited to see were we are going to go, Brown said. I love that our troupe is not based solely on modeling. We have a love for fashion, we have a love for the
community, we have a love for each other and I feel like thats what makes us different from other organizations on campus.