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Bull Runner survey offers suggestions for improvement

Most students who ride the Bull Runner think its just fine, according to a month-long survey conducted by Student Government (SG).

The survey was used to evaluate and possibly improve student experiences on the Bull Runner bus shuttle service.

Nathan Fox, SG adviser on Bulls Community Affairs and a senior majoring in political science, said approximately 315 students took the survey which asked students about their usage and overall experience on the Bull Runner.

A lot of participants said they feel the Bull Runner services are fine the way they currently are, Fox said.

But other students offered suggestions for improvement.

Fox said a common concern voiced on the survey was that students wanted to be alerted when drivers are about to change shifts.

That was a big thing, Fox said.

Students said thats not on the Bull Tracker app, and they want to be aware of it.

Fox also said students suggested including more off-campus stops, such as student housing locations at Campus Lodge and Collegiate Hall apartments.

Other suggestions included making the weekend routes, C, D and F, run on longer routes, starting before its current 2:30 p.m. starting time.

Michaela Cunningham, a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in Africana studies, said she lives on campus and relies on the Bull Runner to take her to off-campus locations such as Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree.

Its a convenient service, especially because I have no car, Cunningham said. It affords me some independence. I dont have to beg for rides.

Dorothy Whyte, a sophomore majoring in health science, said she took the survey to voice her opinion on how the Bull Runner could be improved.

If they could make routes five minutes apart, that would help, Whyte said. The buses are often over capacity.

Fox said he is using the survey to work with Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) and met with a PATS representative a week prior to starting the survey.

I met with PATS and we discussed what could be done, Fox said. Im working with them to see what the students believe so I can go to (PATS) and say essentially what the students opinions are.

In his meeting with PATS, Fox said the feasibilities of different options were discussed.

According to Fox, a PATS representative said allocating hours on a bus route is a simpler task than adding a new bus or route entirely.

Were seeing if these suggestions are far-fetched or something easily doable, he said.

Though the survey was posted on SGs Facebook page and Twitter, and was emailed to a list of leaders of student organizations on campus, Fox said he wished to see more feedback from students.

Its really tough, Fox said. Theres only so much you can do to get students involved and want to be active and engage in these surveys Its a two-way street. The more they actively engage in these surveys, the more it helps us and the more it can help them as well.

Fox said he plans to meet with PATS within the week to discuss the results of the survey.

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Engasser.