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Super Bowl’s Top 5 Commercials

While some watched the Super Bowl for the football, others watched it for Beyonces half-time performance and yet others watch it for the highly coveted 30-second commercials between plays that have come to cost around $4 million each.

Here are some of our favorites:


E-Trade, known for their Super Bowl commercials, has done it again and the cute baby with the cowlick in the center of his forehead came back. Sitting next to a fat stack of cash, the talking baby with the voice of a drunk college kid talks about other ways to burn the cash than pay hidden fees, and images of the baby having quite the time of his life at horse races, clubs and in a hot tub are displayed.

Taco Bell

No one gets YOLO better than a retirement community decked out in their finest swag. This commercial, which plays a rendition of FUNs We are Young in Spanish, features several 60-plusses getting their funky on bars, tattoos, flashing, making out in the bathroom, etc. While the ad asks viewers to Live Mas, it is certainly a nice reminder that fun doesnt end after college.

Got Milk?

Featuring Dwayne The Rock Johnson, superhero Johnson cant be bothered with saving the world, stopping bank robbers or even rescuing a cat from a tree until he and three young kids at his table can get their milk.


The Clydesdale horses make their return in this sentimental commercial set to Fleetwood Macs Landslide in which a baby foal is separated from his trainer and taken in a Budweiser truck. The trainer goes to see him years later in a parade only to sense that the horse no longer recognizes him. But as he drives away, the horse bounds through the street toward him and the two embrace. Budweiser then asks viewers to tweet name suggestions for the horse in the commercial.

Kia Sorrento

In this commercial, a wholly unprepared dad answers his sons question of where babies come from with a complex explanation as the two drive in a Kia. Babies, he said, come from Babylandia and big, giant rocketships bring the babies before distracting him with music.