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The Oracles never-ending playlist

Billboards Top 100 songs seem to be on an endless loop across popular radio stations, but The Oracle offers its favorite picks.

Muse Madness No. 67

Madness combines the British alt-rock trios electro-pop-rock style with a hint of classic rock harmonies. The song displays the bands interest in experimenting with different sounds from other alt-rock groups, setting themselves apart similar to the way Radiohead and Arcade Fire have. The catchy electronic intro and the epic solo by lead singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy put this song in its own category this year, away from other alt-rock singles.

Robert Scime, Opinion Editor

Frank Ocean Thinkin Bout You No. 44

Frank Oceans track Thinkin Bout You, which was released through his Tumblr in 2011 but made its official debut on the album Channel Orange, is a harmony of sounds dominated by raw singing talent. The song showcases his broad and natural vocal range and songwriting edge, which takes listeners from pseudo-rap to falsetto, apathy to heartache. A more subtle track of Oceans, Thinkin Bout You is a good introduction to his casual yet brutally honest style.

Hannah Feig, Managing Editor

Luke Bryan Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye No. 29

The newest single from Luke Bryans certified platinum album Tailgates and Tanlines, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye sits at No. 29 on the Billboard Top 100. The song was performed by Bryan at the 2012 Country Music Association awards, and is a fantastic performance when listened to live or on the radio. It has the rock sort of sound that defines multiple songs on Bryans third studio album, through the defined use of both guitar and drums and the use of the F-minor scale.

Rames Ali, Sports Editor

Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools (Drank) No. 25

Not only is Kendrick Lamar one of the top artists in the hip-hop industry today, he is also becoming one of the top artists of all time. Though some of his songs give off a cool and relaxed feel, lyrically they also contain a deeper meaning and this can be heard in Swimming Pools.

In the song, Lamar raps about the effects of alcohol. He begins the first verse with some thought-provoking lyrics: Some people like the way it feels. Some people wanna kill their sorrows. Some people wanna fit in with the popular. Since his first album, Section.80, Lamar has continued to prove his individuality as an artist.

Jasmine Abney, Photo Editor

Florida Georgia Line Cruise No. 20

With its catchy lyrics and southern slant, Cruise by Florida Georgia Line is perfect for just that: rolling down the windows and cruising. It has just enough beat to allow for a few knee thumps and the right amount of vocals for one to sing along to smoothly.

However, Cruise is more than just the standard out-in-the-country-with-a-crush summer song its more about the feeling associated with being close to a significant other. When one is in love, especially in the beginning stages, one feels the same exhilaration that can be found on the open road, and you want to share the scenery with that person, even if it is just a seemingly never-ending back road.

Megan Patiry, Copy Editor

Bruno Mars Locked Out of Heaven No. 7

Moving past his recent sappy relationship songs like Grenade and It Will Rain, Bruno Mars picked up the No. 7 spot on Billboards Top 100 with Locked out of Heaven.

The song still keeps the soulful sound and message that R&B is best known for, but with a sensual mix of techno sound effects and a strong blend of drums and bass that make the tune great to dance to. Flowing from a tempo of a slow dance to the upbeat pace of the lyrics, the song is definitely worth experiencing.

Alex Rosenthal, Assistant News Editor

Ke$ha Die Young No. 6

Cant pay off student loans? Struggling to balance work, school and life? Doesnt matter. Listening to Die Young should make you feel great because youre in school, dont have a dollar sign smashed between the letters of your name and can (hopefully) describe your appearance better than wild childs lookin good.

But Die Young is a testament to the lyrical genius of Ke$ha. Though it doesnt make much sense, it shows a marked improvement in artistry from her earlier days. Remember the days when the silly singer, who told Vanity Fair she spends thousands every month on glitter, thought you were supposed to brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack and how all the boys used to blow up her pho-one phones, whatever that meant? She now has a more mature understanding of the world, offering poignant advice. See someone who already has a plus one? Ke$ha doesnt care. Make the most, cuz were gonna die young, she repeats. In all fairness, this is a catchy and upbeat tune that will get stuck in your head. Be ready to justify enjoying it.

Divya Kumar, Editor in Chief

Maroon 5 One More Night No. 1

Claiming the No. 1 spot on Billboards Top 100 is Maroon 5s One More Night, which begs not only one more night, but also another listen that is worth the while. Maroon 5 is known for its successful mixes of dance beats with a rock n roll sound, like Payphone and Moves Like Jagger, and this hit is another welcome addition to that list of top singles.

Alex Rosenthal, Assistant News Editor