Students celebrate results

Previously sprawled on blankets across the grassy knoll outside the USF Bookstore, students jumped into chants of Four more years! Four more years! that could be heard as far as the USF Library when President Barack Obama was declared the winner of the 2012 election.
Tears streamed down the face of Alexandra Ernest, a senior majoring in women and gender studies, as she heard the news at the election watch party held outside the Marshall Student Center (MSC).
I feel relieved that Obama won, she said. I now feel that the progress that was made and the issues addressed over the last four years were not in vein.

By day, students streamed consistently through the MSC, but by night, hundreds gathered to watch the results announced at a watch party sponsored by Student Government, Kappa Iota chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Omega Phi Beta and the NAACP.
The vibrancy of human spirit brought out by the atmosphere of political activism from Republicans and Democrats alike on Election Day was on full display through the day on Tuesday.

In the late hours of the night, while politicians and analysts were counting votes, the largely Democratic-leaning audience cheered as they watched states turn blue on ABC News with the occasional cheer for a red state.
Not everyone was as thrilled by President Obamas win, however.
Alex Barrientls, a sophomore majoring in international business said he felt distraught and hopeless for his future after college.
Kristen Bradstreet, president of College Republicans and a senior majoring in political science, said she spent the day hours doing last minute campaigning for the Romney campaign.
Weve been working super hard, she said.
When ABC News reported that Floridas Amendment 6, the amendment which would ban public funding for abortions, the lawns cheered loudly.
Sergio Perez, a senior majoring in psychology, who attended the watch party said he enjoyed the watching the results come in with a large group.

Im not very political savvy, but they have a panel and all the stuff on the lawn and its all very unifying, he said. If I wasnt here, Id probably just be at home. Instead they are offering this very communal event.

Students cheered, chanted and cried during the most anticipated moment of the night when ABC News declared Obama the victor, moments after CNN and other news outlets on the wall of the USF Bookstore.

Colton Canton, president of College Democrats and a junior majoring in political science and English, said there were lots of cheers at the watch party he attended when Obamas re-election was announced.

Its a good time for Democrats, he said.