Charming film has Silver Linings

Silver Linings Playbook, a new film about two lost souls trying to piece their lives together after disastrous events changed their lives, is a heartwarming tale that gives audiences characters to cheer for.

After Patrick (played by Hangover star Bradley Cooper discovered his wife in cheating on him, he was
traumatized and sent to a psychiatric facility for eight months.

When his mother comes to take him home, neighbors who have gossiped about his breakdown and dont welcome Patrick back.

Patrick, however, is trying to live by his newly adopted motto excelsior, in which Patrick tries to find a silver lining in the negatives in his life. He is highly optimistic that, despite being diagnosed as bipolar, he can win his wife back.

Then he is set up to meet Tiffany (played by Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence) a grieving widow with a scandalous reputation who calls him out on the unfiltered things that come out of his mouth.

Patrick sees befriending Tiffany as an opportunity to show his ex-wife that he is caring and has changed for the better.

Tiffany, sees befriending Patrick as an opportunity to get a dancing parner for a competition shes always
wanted to sign up for, but her deceased husband had never wanted to attend.

Tiffany helps Patrick grow as a character, learning to forgive and move on with his life, as she teaches him discipline in preparation for the competition.

Patrick is an open and honest character, holding nothing back as he speaks his mind, which can cause issues when he reveals information intended to be kept secret.

Tiffany has a hard time grieving and opening up to people after having been judged by past actions.

Cooper and Lawrence share an on-screen charisma, which builds up humor throughout the film.

Silver Linings Playbook may be predictable, but it takes its time getting there, providing at times humorous and sentimental moments that catch the viewer off guard.

Audiences get a fresh perspective from the characters dealing with mental illness and grieving the death of a loved one. Silver Linings Playbook has an optimistic feel to it as audiences watch how an unlikely friendship can help characters grow.

The film is directed by David O. Russell and will be released by the Weinstein Company on Nov. 21. Based on a novel written by Matthew Quick, the film is a good choice for young adults looking for an upbeat film.