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Four October causes to remember

NOTE: This article has been edited from its originalformat. An earlier version of the article stated the incorrect number of holidays described in the article.

Unique holidays are being created and it seems that there is a holiday for every job, emotion and food for people to show their appreciation for anything.

The Oracle looks at four of the most important holidays to celebrate and be aware of as October winds down.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
An unusual amount of pink T-shirts and other bright pink paraphernalia makes its way out of closets for National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Twenty-five years ago the National Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign began. Since then, it aims to empower and educate people about this deadly disease in which early detection is key.

Though October is coming to an end, there are still events happening around the Tampa Bay area to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Saturday, the Hyde Park Village Arts Festival in Hyde Park Village, free for attendees, is supporting breast cancer with a partnership with Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. At Aja Channelside on Friday, Strut for the Cure, a fashion show, will raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month
Probably one of the cutest observances you can acknowledge this month is National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. In Hillsborough County, there are multiple shelters reducing prices on dogs for the month of October, many of which may soon be euthanized because of lack of room in shelters.

Even if you dont have the means to take in an orphaned dog, all SPCA locations and shelters take donations and volunteers to continue their work for the abandoned pets.

National Anti-Bullying Month
Nearly everyone has been there bullied or harassed by peers. There is one bullying incidence every seven minutes, according to the Huffington Post. Even as college-aged students, there are incidents of bullying, many of which happen over the Internet.

With Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it isnt hard to believe that 58 percent of school-aged children report that someone has said something mean or hurtful to them online. In 2009, Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi drew worldwide attention after he committed suicide after being bullied by his roommate for his sexuality.

National Crime Prevention Month
Designated in 1984 by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), October has become a time for making neighborhoods and surrounding communities safer for every inhabitant. For this month, the NCPC provides a Crime Prevention Month Kit with tips and tricks on how to stay safe and avoid crime and criminal activity.

Particularly with Halloween approaching, awareness of criminal action and what civilians can do to create a safer environment can make the holiday far more enjoyable if everyone focuses on community safety as a whole.