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Amp up your fall pants

What do you do when those trusty jeans wear out and all you can find on store racks are rows of brightly-colored pants?
Join in, of course! Bright pants are in this season and provide a great way to spice up a wardrobe. After all, who said bright colors could only be worn on top?
Bright bottoms can be hard to match, so The Oracle takes a look at the best ways to display those brights with a quick rundown of some color-matching basics.

Black, white and gray
Add some contrast by pairing colored pants with black, white or gray. This is a simple and classic look, as colorless tops go with any hue and can be mixed and matched. Try a simple T-shirt, tank top or an oversized sweater with colored skinny jeans, and accessorize with a simple contrasting black or white cardigan, a long chain necklace and matching hair accessories. Neutrals can dull the brightness of the bottoms a little, so dont be afraid to accessorize. Pair with black flats or wedges.

Natural tones
Tans and browns can also tone down bright jeans and give a natural element to the outfit. Pair pants with a brown button-up or tan safari jacket. The textures found in knits like crochet or patchwork can provide another earthy component.

A leather belt, loafers, wooden-beaded jewelry and crochet bag round out the look. Or, try a subtle one-colored scarf.

Whether on the pants or top, patterns go well with any color, similar or contrasting organic shapes, stripes and repeating patterns all add some flair and can draw the eye away from those highlighter-yellow britches.

Wear a striped sweater or soft, paisley-patterned crop top with patterned shoes.

Color on color
For a truly bold look, pair some bright pants with their complementary color. Contrast yellow pants with a purple top, teal jeans with an orange polo, or green pants with a pink shirt just avoid pairing green with red, unless you want to look like Christmas.

Bright shoes can also add pop, as can a contrasting headband.

Denim isnt just for bottoms. Who said the blue jeans had to go away? Pair colored leggings with a jean top, vest or jacket and chunky bracelets.

For the guys
This season, colored pants arent just for the ladies. Guys can take part in the style too, pairing the pants with a button-up and sports coat, striped polo or tee. The sharp, businesslike form provides a more formal look, while pairing the pants with a T-shirt, sweatshirt or cardigan may be more comfortable for a day around campus.