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Soca soothes the soul

Imagine vacationing on a Caribbean island. Youre lounging in a hammock,sipping a Bahama Mama and gazing toward the blue sky while hearing the ocean waves crash against the shore. Relaxing, isnt it?

In most of the Caribbean islands, the pride and joy is not just a laid-back atmosphere, ideal for tourism.

The culture is not just about food conch salads, curry chicken orsawfish and bake but also about the music. Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), the mostsouthern Caribbean island, gave birth to the energeticmusical genre soca,meaning soul of calypso. Here are a few of the Oracles soca favorites:

Mr. Feteby Machel Montano

Machel Montano isarguably the most popular soca star in the West Indies. Mr. Fete, is one of his latest tracks, released this year. Its a slower one where listeners can wine, meaning to rotate hips on the dance floor. Montano is also known for his collaboration with Pitbull in the tracks Defense, released in 2008, and Alright, released in 2010.

Click here to listen to this track, from YouTube.

Fly Away by Zoelah

Remember watching Nicki Minajs music video Pound the Alarm, which was filmed in Trinidad? Thecolorful clothing women wore, the partying behind a semi-truck and partygoers waving the Trinidad flag gave viewers and idea of what Carnival, an annual event in Trinidad, is like. Theparties are so renowned, people from all over the world travel to the small island to join in thefestivities. This song, released in 2007, is the type to make those celebrating Carnival jump, wine and wave their nations flag.

Click here to listen to this track.

Right Now by Lil Rick

The highly energized track showcases the beats of soca music. This type is called popso riddim (or rhythm). It was released last year and is worth pumping up thevolume in your car.

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Dollar Wineby Collin Lucas

This song was released in 1991 and is a familiar group dance in which each motion of the hip front, back, left and right is represented by a penny,nickel, dime and dollar. Every time a monetary amount is said, each dancer must thrust to whichever side is called. Its a fun and funny song, thats for sure.

Click here to listen to this track.

Trini to de Bone byDavid Rudder & Carl Jacobs

Finally, a song about socas birthplace, Trinidad. This became a hitwhen it was released in 2003. Notice that accents translate into the song,when the word sugar is sung, it is pronounced as sug-ah. Sweet, sweet T&T, indeed.

Click here to listen to this track.