First days for four freshmen

Now that the fall semester has begun, freshmen on campus are just getting a taste of what college is really like, experiencing what all students must learn at one point or another.

The Oracle talked with four freshmen Nestor Gamez, majoring in biomedical sciences, McKinzie Step, majoring in English, Sean Cleland, majoring in criminology and John Wilson, majoring in political science about their impressions of campus life so far, and will continue to check in with them as they traverse their first semester as college students.

The Oracle: Why did you pick USF?
Step: It felt right. I got into UF, but USF was calling my name. I also couldnt picture myself in blue and orange; I prefer the green and gold.

Gamez: Its so diverse, and everyone seems to love it here. Theres so much energy.

O: What do you miss most about home?
Step: My cat and my friends. A lot of my friends dont go here. I lived across from a high school, and I miss being able to pop in over there and see people.

Gamez: My mother and her home-cooked meals.

O: How many times have you gotten lost?
Step: Like, 50.

Wilson: A couple, to be honest. More so during the summer, especially trying to find my international relations class in Cooper Hall. I never heard of it before, but once I found that, the rest was pretty easy. I also had some trouble finding places to eat.

Gamez: The one time I got lost, I was on my way to my pre calc class and ended up going around in circles looking for the building.

O: What do you look forward to most about college?
Cleland: Definitely all the football games. It looks awesome.

Step: All the chances to meet people. Ive already met so many people, and I know its just going to keep happening.

O: Whats your most memorable college experience so far?
Cleland: Losing my key. That blew. I dropped my key, and I still dont know where it is. I didnt have my roommates number, and I didnt know where to go. I had to ask like a million different people where I could get a replacement, and then I had to pay for it.

Gamez: My day today, three back-to-back classes. I couldnt find the class, the professor had a bad accent and I got to class late and there were no seats because there (were) like 400 kids, so I had to sit on the floor. I didnt understand any of the notes it looked like hieroglyphics.