USF students to march on the RNC

Though the first day of the Republican National Convention were canceled, protestors will march through the streets of Tampa, rain, tropical storms or shine.

The Coalition to March on the RNC 2012, initially expected up tot 5,000 participants from across the country representing national, local and student groups advocating for immigrant, labor and LGBT rights amongst others. But while they now anticipate only 1,000 in attendance, many USF students were instrumental in organizing the demonstration.

Michael Blosser, a graduate student in applied physics, is one of the many organizers and said he is discontent with Republicans and their policies.

The political system in our country has failed with both parties, but particularly the Republicans, only serving the interests of the corporations and the 1 percent, he said. I am protesting the Republican Party and their horrific agenda, but I am also protesting all the politicians who are the lap dogs of the 1 percent and the police state that supports them while they sit in their ivory tower.

Corey Uhl, a senior majoring in history and a member of Students for a Democratic Society at USF, an organization which staged several campus protests last year, said he grew involved with organizing the Coalition as he saw Republican policies hurting students.

You see the cuts spearheaded by Republicans across the board, he said. It makes our tuition go up and our loan debt.

Protestors will gather at Perry Harvey, Sr. Park at 10 a.m.