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Album Reviews: Dr. John-Locked Down

Its been a long time since 1968, but fans of Dr. Johns first album, Gris-Gris,will relish in the fact that his new sound is reminiscent of the psychedelic blues that Dr. John was first famous for. Locked Down is essentially voodoo weirdness coupled with Black Keys-esque rock that bleeds through each song.

It isnt surprising that the man responsible for the albumssound is Dan Auerbach, the guitarist for the Black Keys, who produced and performed on the album. His influence can be heard on its opening track, also titled Locked Down, on which he plays slide guitar. Arguably his best performance on the album was on Getaway, where he closes the song with a distorted, vibrato-laden guitar solo.

Though its obvious that this new album is an opportunity for Dr. John to gain a younger fan base, Locked Downcan sometimes sound more like a recently discovered Black Keys bootleg featuring Dr. John. Its good news if youre a Black Keys fan. However, Dr. John fans expecting some New Orleans boogie-woogie, a la Dr. Johns Gumbo, might be disappointed.

Some tracks worth downloading: Big Shot, Ice Age, Getaway and Ellegua.