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Record Store Day releases to spin and spend on

This Saturday marks the fifth annual Record Store Day (RSD), an event that has become an international music celebration highlighting the importance of independent record stores.

Hundreds of recording artists show support each year by providing new music released exclusively for RSD. Tampas local record stores will be receiving only a few hundred of each release, which may not fulfill the need of every music connoisseur come Saturday.

Yet with hundreds of RSD releases planned to be stocked in shelves throughout the country, it may be hard to sort through which records are worth the time and money.

If youre making plans to go out and support your local independent record stores on Saturday, The Oracle takes a look at a few rare releases that might be worth adding to your collection.


Animal Collective, Transverse Temporal Gyrus

These titans of experimental music will be releasing their most abstract album yet. Best known for psychedelic songs such as My Girls and Summertime Clothes, the members of Animal Collective have long given their full support for RSD.

Transverse Temporal Gyrus includes the bands 2010 installation at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Domino Records will be releasing the limited-edition album with a poster. This will be the only physical form of the album that Animal Collective plans to release, so make sure to show up early to get a copy.

Miles Davis, Forever Miles

The songs of one of the most influential jazz musicians will be making an appearance this Saturday in a must-have for any jazz lover.

Forever Miles combines a number of tracks recorded decades apart. The album includes alternate recordings of classic songs such as Dear Old Stockholm and Hand Jive. If that doesnt send a Miles Davis fanatic straight to the nearest record store, then the addition of a never-released version of the 1970 song Directions will be sure to.

With the quadruple-platinum album Kind of Blue to his name, its almost certain that this Miles Davis compilation will sell out fast.

The Tallest Man on Earth, King of Spain

Swedish folk musician Kristian Matsson will be releasing the King of Spain 12-inch under Dead Oceans Records. The album title is from the popular song of the same name that Matsson released on his acclaimed 2010 full-length, The Wild Hunt.

The release will include B-sides from The Wild Hunt as well as a cover of Paul Simons Graceland.

This is a rare release, with only 2,000 copies being sold. Dead Oceans Records is attempting to distribute the albums evenly among independent record labels, so fans may want to get in line early for this one.


Lemuria, Varoom Allure

New York-based act Lemuria will contribute to RSD with two brand-new tracks. This indie-punk trio is best known for their album Get Better, with songs that are full of stripped-down, easily relatable lyrics.

Some of their most popular tracks Pants, Dog and Lipstick sound very basic, but are not at all simple. The promise of the new tracks Cannonballs to Hurt and Varoom Allure are going to make this in hot demand with Lemurias fanbase.

This colored 7-inch will be just as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the ears. A unique pattern of birds and plants has been etched into the record, without damaging the music quality, of course. Its safe to say a punk rock on vinyl has rarely looked so beautiful.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, One Love to Another

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros are releasing their single One Love to Another. The band claims that the two tracks on this single will not appear on their upcoming album, Here, which is set to be released May 29.

This indie-folk band jumped into the music world in 2009 with the release of their debut album, Up From Below, and while that album was full of catchy songs, it was the track Home that received the most praise and attention. Along with being used in countless television commercials and movie trailers for films such as Cyrus, Home has appeared in the television shows Community, Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty.

Before following Up From Below with Here, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros will release this 7-inch containing two completely fresh tracks, One Love to Another and A Note to the American Democrat. Vagrant Records has only produced 1,500 copies and will not be making the tracks available in any other format.