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Visiting comedian aims to make students laugh and think

When the USF Freethinkers invite a comedian to perform, chances are the material will be far from narrow-minded.

Budding comedian Jennifer Bianchi, who will perform today at 12:45 p.m. in the Marshall Student Center Oval Theater, said the goal of this free show is not only to make people laugh, but also think.

Even though its comedy, its highbrow stuff, she said. I talk about politics and religion and racism and sexism, so its not just like, Im going to tell a fart joke. Those are funny too, but I talk about important stuff.

Bianchi graduated from the University of Florida Frederic G. Levin College of Law in 2009, but decided to pursue her dream of working in laughter rather than law. Though she got her start performing at open mic nights, she said she doesnt live the typical comedian lifestyle of late nights and lots of drinks.

Im like the girl who goes up to the bar and is like, Um, do you have any organic milk? she said. I mean, Im a blast, but it usually ends around, like, 11 (p.m.).

Her material focuses on contemporary topics and incorporates music as well as poetry. One of her poetic jokes deals with conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who said during an interview on The Sean Hannity Show in 2011, Our blacks are so much better than their blacks, referring to Republican blacks versus Democrats.

To Coulter, Bianchi offers the lyrical reply: Ann, we get it. Youre white and Republican and rich, being ignorant is kind of your niche. But hear me out, you have a glitch. Dont talk, just listen; resist that itch. The 13th Amendment, you racist b—-? Slavery is over. Theyre not your blacks.

Bianichi said she also takes shots at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, but her most controversial material is about religion, specifically the Catholic Church. She said during her time at UF, she encountered radical preachers just like those who proselytize outside Cooper Hall.

I guess people who spend too much time on their computers are going to hell? she said. Like, a bunch of people are going to hell.

Bianchi said she doesnt like to adhere too closely to any other comedians style, but said her favorite professional funny people include other musical comedians, such as Bo Burnham and Tim Minchin.

She said she hopes any students who go to her show will come with an open mind.

I hope they think its funny, but I hope it makes them think, she said. Its not my job to get people to think differently. Im an entertainer. But it happens to be stuff that has a deeper meaning.