Traffic accident, medical emergency occur simultaneously

Two emergencies occurred within moments of each other on opposite ends of Holly Drive at about 5 p.m. Monday.

The first incident occurred on the corner of Holly and Palm drives, and involved a medical emergency on a Tampa HART bus.

The second incident occurred on the corner of Holly and Maple drives. Two USF band players, driving a 2009 silver Chevrolet HHR and a 2008 silver Honda Civic, collided on their commute to Herd of Thunder practice.

Jaclyn Kobylarski, a sophomore majoring in creative writing and a resident student, drove her Civic out of the USF Maple Hall parking lot to make a right turn onto Maple Drive when Jennifer Tsagaratos, a sophomore majoring in psychology and a non-resident student, drove her Chevrolet south-bound toward Fowler Fields for band practice.

Kobylarski said another driver waved her forward to turn onto Maple Drive when the way wasn’t clear, causing Tsagaratos to hit the Civic’s driver’s side door. Kobylarski said she received minor burns to her left arm from contact with her airbags, but sustained no other injuries.

Tsagaratos, who was traveling at approximately 20 mph, said she was shaken up. There was a dent on the front passenger side of her Chevy, but she had no injuries.