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Best Dressed USF

Maddie Spinella, Scene & Heard fashion correspondent, roams the USF campus to uncover the latest and greatest campus fashion trends. Keep putting together trendy outfits and you just might be featured in the next month’s Best Dressed USF. Have any on-campus fashion tips? Know someone with a chic outfit? E-mail your advice to

Kelsey Pfaller (left) is a sophomore majoring in pre-nursing. When asked to describe her clothing style, Pfaller simply said, “Grandma.” She bought her clothing at Charlotte.

Madison Zide (right) is a sophomore majoring in international affairs. Zide said when she gets dressed in the morning she likes to ensure that her outfits make a statement and stand out. Comfort is an important factor in her fashion flair, as she spends all day walking to classes, she said. Her outfit is from Urban Outfitters and VANS.






Cassandra Simon, a sophomore majoring in political science, classifies her style as “edgy.” Simon’s black top and pants, both of which came from Kohl’s, keep her on the cutting edge of fashion trends. Her Coach shoes complete the ensemble, making the entire outfit look more classy and sophisticated.



















David DeCorte, a junior majoring in English, takes an approach to fashion familiar to many college students: thrift shopping. Finding inexpensive clothes that look great and match may take a little more effort, but thriftiness pays off. DeCorte’s entire outfit came from thrift stores, except for his Target shoes. His style can be seen as thrifty with an artistic touch.