Movie Review: “Just Wright”

Director Sanaa Hamri, also known for the films “Something New” and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2,” brings audiences a sports comedy where Cinderella doesn’t go searching for her Prince Charming.

Early in the film, its core characteristics are on full display: basketball games, physical therapy and the women who strive to be basketball wives.

Queen Latifah plays a 35-year-old, unmarried physical therapist named Leslie Wright from New Jersey. Wright, who is an avid New Jersey Nets fan, sheds new light on how “home girl” means “friend,” for most of her dates. To make matters worse, her god sister, Morgan (Paula Patton), plays a woman who is trying to become a basketball wife and who demands attention wherever she goes.

The relationship that builds between the Nets player, Scott McKnight (hip-hop star, Common) and Leslie after a basketball game leaves the question — when and will they get together? — unanswered until the end.

The drama grows intense when Leslie is invited to Scott’s birthday party and Morgan, demanding attention, makes her presence known in front of McKnight but claims to have no interest in basketball stars. From there, their relationship begins to blossom, while Leslie forgets having any connection with Scott.

Injuries come into play, which is the case with many sports movies, but this time, rather than seeing the player return six months later, we see a relationship unfold between Scott and Leslie. Despite comedic elements, the movie smoothly portrays how sometimes giving up easily might benefit in the long run.

According to Reuters, “Just Wright”, which was released Friday, brought in about $8.5 million over the weekend to debut at No. 4 in box office sales.

While Yahoo! Movie critics gave the film C+ ratings with it’s No.4 ranking, the cast is enough to give the movie a shot.

The film also packs a powerful supporting cast, including James Pickens Jr. (Grey’s Anatomy), Phylicia Rashad (Cosby Show) and the infamous Pam Grier.

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