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A&S fee budget signed, finalized

The 2010-11 Student Government (SG) Activity and Service (A&S) fees budget has finally been signed, determining how more than $11.4 million of student-paid fees will be spent.

USF President Judy Genshaft and Vice President of Student Affairs Jennifer Meningall finalized the budget Tuesday, the day after the SG term ended, bringing a close to the seven-month process.

Director of the A&S Business Office Eric Reiter said the budget, which amounts to $11,472,790, includes nearly $1.5 million left unused from entities last term and $9.8 million in A&S fees that the University is projected to rake in during the next fiscal year.

“Ultimately, the total (budget) number was based off of assumptions and historical data on student enrollment,” Reiter said.

The budget, which will go into effect in July, is broken down into four parts: the SG operations budget, which funds the executive, legislative and judicial branches; student programs and services; student organizations; and interim and reserve accounts.

SG will not receive any of the fees, which will increase from $9.31 to $9.99 on July 1, until later that month, Reiter said.

The Senate A&S Recommendation Committee (ASARC) and the A&S Business Office, which was created this year to oversee the committee and help manage the fees under one department, made all of the allocations.

“ASARC did a wonderful job putting the budget together,” Reiter said. “I’m very happy (it’s signed).”