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Remembering a serious man

Peter Graves, star of the 1960’s series “Mission: Impossible,” died Sunday at the age of 83 after suffering a heart attack.

Known for his serious voice and composure, Graves was a man able to laugh at himself, mocking his own serious roles in movies like “Aiplane!” In his later years, he starred in a Geico commercial and offered his famous voice for comedy shows like “American Dad!” and video games like “Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust.”

Graves leaves a memorable legacy behind him. With hundreds of credits in films and movies, a Golden Globe and an Emmy, Graves’ death is a great loss for the world of television and the big screen.

In “Mission: Impossible,” he always chose to accept the mission and outwit the bad guys. In “Airplane!,” he wasn’t afraid to ask small children if they’d ever been in a Turkish prison or if they enjoyed movies about gladiators. As a narrator for “Biography” and various cartoons, he was always solemn, comforting and grounded.

Graves was believable in his roles, however unbelievable they were on their own. His deep tones made it easy to be convinced he was serious about anything – like saving money on your car insurance with Geico.

He is survived by his wife, three daughters and decades of famous onscreen moments and quotable lines.