Fast and furious costumes

For some college students, procrastination is a full-time job – even for Halloween. If you’re the person who waits until the last minute to pull a costume together, these low-budget costume ideas may save your night:

A dark and stormy night

Need: Black clothing, water, water gun (optional)

Dig through your closet and find all the black clothes and accessories you can. When you’re virtually invisible with the lights off, the costume is ready. Have water on hand to refill your water gun, and when people ask what you are, squirt them.

Static cling

Need: Safety pins, socks, dryer sheet (optional)

Long sleeved shirt and pants are best for this costume. Gather all the matched and mismatched socks you can find, and pin them to your clothing. For a realistic dryer scent, pin on a few dryer sheets as well.

New mother

Need: Robe, curlers, blanket, baby doll (optional)

This costume is easily altered to a deadly sin sloth, a hobo or an elderly woman. Wear a bathrobe that looks haphazard. Put your hair in curlers, but leave some sections undone and messy. For the final touch, wrap a baby doll or any similarly shaped object in a blanket and carry it around.


Need: Black garbage bag, plastic or paper grocery bags

Cut arm and leg holes in a black trash bag. While standing in it, fill the bag with grocery bags or crumpled paper. Tie the opening around your neck. To turn it into a horror costume, carry a box of real raisins and call yourself a cannibal.

Clich ghost

Need: White sheet

Cut eye holes in a white sheet, towel or any fabric and wear it over your head. Viola! It’s an instant classic and iconic costume.

– Emily Handy