FSU Police: ‘boisterous’ USF fans behaved

FSU Police heard USF fans were “boisterous,” said Jim Russell, major of the FSU Police Department (FSUPD).

However, only five non-affiliates of FSU were arrested and ejected at USF’s 17-7 victory in Tallahassee on Saturday, Russell said. And Russell said he doesn’t think any USF fans were arrested.

“(The five incidents) could have been people from the local community,” he said.

There were 25 ejections and four arrests made by authorities at the game, according to police reports. Of those incidents, 18 were notices to appear in court for underage drinking.

One notice to appear was issued when an individual was caught with possession of 20 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, Russell said.

At USF’s last home game against Charleston Southern, USF students were involved in 36 arrests and ejections out of 49 incidents, according to police reports.

Medical calls were the majority of the incidents at the FSU game, according to police reports. Authorities responded to 40 incidents, transported 11 individuals and treated 83 patients. Russell said many fans experienced heat exhaustion because of the noon kickoff. Also hornet nests were reported in the stands, causing some attendees to be stung, Russell said.

No fights were reported despite an announced crowd of 83,524, he said. The total number of arrests is “not even close to a record,” Russell said. He said football games normally have at least 30 arrests.

“People weren’t nasty to each other, they were good spirited,” Russell said. “I’ve seen some (games) where they’re slugging it out.”