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USF grad wins big on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Nearly two weeks ago, USF graduate student William Capp sat in the fastest finger circle and waited for his chance on the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – a chance that never came.

On Tuesday, Capp was on the show again on Tampa TV – and this time he got his opportunity.

Sitting in the hot seat, Capp battled his way through host Meredith Vieira’s questions and walked away with $25,000 after incorrectly answering the $100,000 question.

“I was extremely excited to get to the next ($25,000) milestone and even more so when I got the $50,000 question correct,” Capp said. “I didn’t have any lifelines, and I wanted to get as far as I could and was willing to risk the $100,000 question. If I had made it to $100,000, I would not have took the same risks and would have walked.”

Capp originally was in the fastest finger circle for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’s 10th anniversary show on Aug. 23. Those who did not get the chance to sit in the hot seat were invited back by Vieira.

As Capp climbed his way up the millionaire ladder Tuesday, Vieira fed the $100,000 question: “What popular women’s magazine began in the 1930s as a menu leaflet handed out at A&P supermarkets?”

Capp’s answer was “Good Housekeeping,” when the correct answer was “Woman’s Day.”

“(It was) so different than being at home,” Capp said. “Most of the time, I can answer the higher dollar questions without even seeing the choices, but in that seat life becomes different. There is so much going on: which camera to look at, all the people staring at me, making sure not to make a dumb mistake – use my time wisely. A lot of pressure.”

Capp used all of his lifelines in the early stages of the round. He asked the audience on his $4,000 question, which was to define the meaning of the Chinese food “Bok Choy.”

In a jam, Capp used his final three lifelines – phone a friend, double dip and ask the expert – on the $16,000 question, which related to the reason why England’s Prince Harry visited the United States last year. The answer was to attend a charity polo match.

Out of lifelines, Capp took a risk at $100,000 but said he was happy with the whole process of being on the show. He said he will use the money to pay off his student loans.

“This experience has been fun, exciting, and humbling. I am looking toward applying to other shows like Wipeout and Amazing Race, so if anyone wants to join me for Amazing Race let me know,” Capp said.