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WeCar a good choice for transportation

USF students now have one more choice for their preferred mode of transportation. The new car-sharing program, WeCar, which launched today, will give students the option to rent a car on campus for $10-$12 an hour. In the long run, this program will be beneficial for both the students and the University.

The cars are conveniently located behind the Marshall Student Center and the new Juniper-Poplar Hall parking lot, making it possible for all students – no matter where they reside or take classes on campus – to be minutes away from renting a car.

Many of the activities that USF students are involved in often take place away from campus. Rather than having to worry about transportation issues or repeatedly asking friends for rides, students can now just rent either a Toyata Prius or Ford Escape and take care of what they need to do.

Although the University offers many amenities for students to enjoy, it can get pretty boring for a person who lives on campus without a personal mode of transportation. The WeCar program gives students the possibility to go grocery shopping, get a manicure or pedicure and run other errands without hassle.

Another appealing aspect of this program is that, unlike the other rent-a-car programs, where persons under the age of 25 would have to pay a higher fee, this program is available to all USF students over the age of 18 – at the same price.

Although $10 per hour may seem like a lot of money, students can consider renting a car together to cut costs. By sharing the cost of the ride for a four-hour trip, each student would pay $10 if four of them decide to go.

The WeCar program is also a better alternative to calling a taxi. Students do not have to wait for the taxi to arrive. They can just go and pick up their car at the two on-campus locations. Also, driving in a car by yourself or with friends is much safer than getting in a taxi with a stranger.

Students will enjoy the short-run benefits of this program, but in the long run, the researchers conducting this program will be able to gauge its success and have an opportunity to explore more methods of alternative transportation. Since the program just launched, it is still unknown how many hours a day each car will be rented. By knowing this information, researchers can determine the program’s success.

Depending on the popularity and demand for these cars, the University and researchers could consider using more cars and even letting students decide the make and model they would like to see available.

The WeCar program is another amenity added to many things on campus. Parents also have the assurance that their children have reliable transportation available for use.

Although USF is taking a big financial risk by being one of the first universities to offer the WeCar program, the benefits will far outweigh the risks. The rent-a-car program is a great alternative to existing transportation and something that is sorely needed by USF students.