University denies resignation retraction

Dr. Abdul Rao’s rescindment of his resignation was not accepted by the College of Medicine.

Rao, the former senior vice president of USF Health who was caught on a security camera taking a student’s bike, signed a $50,000 settlement agreement with the University on Wednesday agreeing to step down from his position and leave USF.

On Friday, he tried to rescind his resignation.

“As far as we’re concerned, he is not employed. We are standing by that original document,” said USF Spokesman Michael Hoad. “If he wants to challenge that document, he’ll have to challenge it legally.”

In a letter to the USF administration, Rao said he felt he did not have enough time to think through the situation.

“I was given no option to consult a lawyer or a member of my family and was informed that I either resign or else,” he stated.

Rao also said he would make every effort to preserve his integrity.

“I am convinced that the outcome is not compatible with the level of the infraction and has placed my professional and personal life in a serious conundrum,” Rao wrote. “I suggest that the University complete its investigation and a judgment is made which is compatible with the committed infraction.”

Rao was not available for comment Sunday.

“What he can do in terms of changing his mind becomes a legal issue very quickly,” Hoad said.

Christine Dillingham, who parked the bike at the Byrd Institute loading dock, said the bicycle that was taken will be sold on eBay by its owner, Tim Boyd.

She said all proceeds from the sale will go to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital — to which Boyd already donates money.

“Tim thought it was a good opportunity to raise money for St. Jude’s,” she said.

Additional reporting by Julia Pappacoda.