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USFSP plans to keep its graphics program

Despite the rumors, USF St. Petersburg (USFSP) won’t be canceling its graphic design program because of budget cuts.

This comes as a surprise to the program’s students and leaders, who said USFSP administrators told them that the program faced suspension and possible elimination.

“They were telling the students to find a new major,” said junior Michelle Marin.

Regional Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Norine Noonan said that the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and other administrators discussed suspending the program, but then decided against it.

“Part of the reason the program is continuing is because of you,” Noonan told students Friday, who came to a Faculty Council meeting to protest the possible suspension. The council was scheduled to discuss the program’s future, but removed the item from the agenda at the last minute when the university decided to keep the program that morning.

Program Director Joani Spadaro said she was not happy that the program was even under consideration for suspension.

“I’m outraged,” she said. “There is a need in this area for this program.”

Spadaro said the university has not supported the program and that officials in the program were not kept up-to-speed on the program’s status.

“I feel like the administration of this university has been reactive, not proactive,” she said.

Noonan said the program will continue and that all essential classes for majors will be available for the spring term.

“It’s most unfortunate that a lot of misinformation was communicated about this program,” she said.