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Free cab rides brought to campus by USF student organization

Starting today, students have the opportunity to catch a cab on campus and compete for a new car as part of Chevrolet’s Livin’ Large program.

While riding in the back seat of Chevrolet’s College Cab on a one-way trip for up to 3 miles, one or two students at a time can record a video, which will be put on the Livin’ Large Web site,, the next day. Students will have exactly one week from the time their video is posted to get as many views as possible, according to the site.

The top-viewed video from each university will go to the final round and compete against five other schools for votes. The winner will receive a Chevy Aveo5.

USF is one of six universities chosen for College Cab. It was selected because it is in a key market for Chevrolet, has a large number of students and a marketing organization and is located in a concentrated metro area, Chevrolet spokeswoman Nancy Libby said.

“It’s a way for us to showcase the car,” she said. “It definitely increases awareness of Chevrolet.”

Juan Gutierrez, American Marketing Association (AMA) at USF member, said students should record anything they think is funny, creative or original.

“We’re going to help them get that car,” he said.

Dana Crum, a junior marketing major, said she would like to do a video with a friend, and maybe make up a skit.

“I’m pretty corny, so I could think of something cool,” she said.

The AMA at USF will host the contest. AMA at USF President Tyler Freriks received an e-mail from Chevrolet near the beginning of the semester stating that the first organization at USF to respond would host. She is excited that AMA was chosen because she is confident that the club can advertise well for the program.

“Marketing here is better than at other schools,” she said.  “AMA does a lot with Chevy, including a GM internship.”

The driver of the College Cab, Chris Brock — a licensed chauffeur — said the advertisements and awareness at USF have been the best so far, and more students know about the contest here than at other schools.

Freriks said demand at USF would be high and Brock could expect to be busy. Only 10 rides are allowed each day, so students are encouraged to wait at designated areas if they want a ride.

Students can hail the College Cab near the Marshall Student Center, Library, Cooper Hall, and along Maple Drive, Alumni Drive, and Holly Street from 10 a.m. to about 10 p.m., depending on demand throughout the day.

The College Cab competition is a continuation of the Chevy Aveo Livin’ Large program.  The past two series included the Campus Challenge, in which two students from seven universities lived in an Aveo for a week, and Road Trip, in which two seniors from the University of Florida documented their trip to California.