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Michael Cera’s ‘infinite playlist’

Michael Cera’s iTunes playlist isn’t much like Nick’s, his character in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. His favorite songs are drawn from all generations and genres.

Dion Mcgregor: “Don’t Break the Mailman” — Mcgregor was known as a songwriter and dreamer. The track is a recording his roommate in ‘60s took of his unusally clear,  sleep-talking, according to Mcgregor’s tribute MySpace.

Sonny & Cher: “A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done” — The song was released in 1972 and was the duo’s last top 10 single in the U.S.

Brendan Benson: “Let Me Roll It” — This single is a cover of a Paul McCartney & Wings song from the ‘70s.

Beulah: “Night Is the Day Turned Inside Out” — A  song from the third album of the indie rock band, which was together for eight years according to the band’s Web site (

Neil Young: “Till the Morning Comes” — The 1970 song is from Young’s third album, After the Gold Rush. Young was in Rolling Stones’ list of the Greatest Artist of All Times, according to

Microphones “I’m a Pearl Diver” — The indie rock/folk band had only one principal member, Phil Elverum, and had other artist collaborate on the albums.

Dr. Dog “Ain’t It Strange”- Dr. Dog is a psychedelic rock (the genre that attempts to recreate the experiences of hallucinogenic drugs) band.

For more of Michael Cera’s playlist check out iTunes.