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SG members want students to stop stepping on University’s seal

If you get body-slammed by the student body president, it might be because you stepped on the USF seal located on the first floor of the Marshall Student Center.

Not really, but Student Body President Gregory Morgan said he’s that passionate about initiating a tradition that discourages students from stepping on the seal.

“The seal of the University is sacred,” he said. “Whenever me and Tom (King) are down there, we tell the students not to step on the seal.”

Students at other universities, like the University of Central Florida, traditionally feel it is disrespectful to step on their school’s seal, Morgan said. He wants to bring that sense of taboo to USF.

“It shows respect for your University,” he said. By stepping on it, “you’re tarnishing the seal.”

Senate President Juan Soltero plans to work with the student union to discourage students from treading on the seal.

“We’re going to put some stuff around the seal and start educating students to not step on the seal,” he said.

Although it is still in the idea stage, Soltero said he expects to implement a plan within the next two months.

“I want a strong marketing campaign to educate the students,” he said.

Director of Marketing & Public Affairs Nathan Davison said that when the idea becomes more finalized, he’s sure his department will be active in the initiative.

“I’m sure we’ll be the ones handing out the fliers,” he said.