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Letters to the Editor

Re: Student Ticket Zone
The lottery system, and resulting rules and policies, like most of what USF decides is best for students — is an absolute headache to say the least — not to mention a disappointment.

I like football games, and I like to go to football games. I like soccer too, but I don’t like going to soccer games. I don’t much care for basketball or softball or baseball.Why should I have less of a chance (read: be punished) of being able to participate in an athletic event such as a football game just because I choose not to attend a function that I don’t enjoy? Sounds like USF is getting desperate to fill some seats. This is anything but a rewards system.

Also, the policy states that seat location will also be based on loyalty points. So does that mean that once I go into the game, my friends and I will all be split up? Sounds like a great time to me. We also have to cancel a day in advance.  Show of hands: Who has gotten pretty drunk during a tailgate? Who has been drunk enough to realize — or for someone else to realize — that it’s not a good idea for them to go into the game?

Drunky McDrunkerson doesn’t care; he wouldn’t want his hard-earned points reset. So now we’ll have a bunch of drunk undergrads scattered randomly throughout the stadium without the watchful eyes of their friends. People drink beer, lots of it — it’s a fact, regardless of one’s personal responsibility and all that other high-and-mighty propaganda. If the demand weren’t there, then why would they charge $8 for a cup inside the stadium?

Some of these problems are fixed easily. Every student that is lucky enough to get a ticket is added to an electronic roster. Student IDs are scanned at entry. If your name isn’t on the roster, you don’t get in. We can do this: We’ve been to the moon. We’ve got a toaster oven with a shovel on Mars.

That eliminates the hassle of going here at this time for this wristband. It also eliminates paper and ink waste of printing out tickets. Let’s save some trees, folks. If you haven’t checked in by the beginning of the 2nd quarter, then those who didn’t win the lottery are allowed entry on a first come, first serve basis.

As for the lottery system? That’s on you, USF. I don’t get paid to figure out the solutions to your problems.

John Mace is a senior majoring  in communication.