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Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences resigns

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) John Skvoretz has resigned from his position and will leave the University on Aug. 6, according to an e-mail sent by Provost Ralph Wilcox to CAS faculty and staff.

In a separate email sent to CAS faculty and staff, Skvoretz wrote that his style of leadership is no longer compatible with the college’s needs.

“It has been extremely difficult over the past six months to see the advocating of proposals for its potential dismantling with quite limited consideration of the up and down sides of such a large and potentially contentious undertaking,” he wrote in the e-mail.

Skvoretz has served as dean since 2004.

Eric Eisenberg, a professor in the communication department and former chair of the department, will serve as the interim dean beginning Aug. 7. He will not be a candidate for the permanent position.

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