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Who will win the ‘pop’ular vote?

  “The reason is because King is one of my  fraternity brothers, also I like the ideas  that they want to present. King worked with  a lot of the money so he really knows how  to allocate money and I think both of them  will do a great job.”

  – Matthew Diaz, freshman, supporting  Gregory “Butters” Morgan and Thomas King

  “Because she talked to my organization and  made an effort at relating to me through her  platform.”

  – Sonam Wadhwani, sophomore, supporting  Nicole Randazzo and Ruth Damys

  “I liked his views on communication, how  he wants to get the school to come together  on different issues.”

  – Bennett Smith, senior, supporting  Ryan Iacovacci and Sriram Madhusoodanan

  “I just like what he stands for and  the changes he’s going to implement.”

  – Alysia Zaidi, junior, supporting  Nathan Davison and Cordell Chavis

  “I voted for the Hall-Taylor campaign  because LaNard Taylor, he’s pretty  involved in the Greek community. I’ve  seen him influence people in Greek life,  especially minority Greeks.”

  – Mike Montuno, freshman, supporting  Justin Hall and LaNard Taylor