In the third and final debate before Student Government elections, student body presidential candidates talked Wednesday evening about how they planned to extend library hours and alert students of their progress in the Executive Branch.

Sponsored by WBUL, the debate also allowed candidates to discuss their experiences outside of Student Government (SG), methods of getting commuter students involved, student organization councils and ways they will display their progress once in office.

On library hours, SG Chief of Staff Justin Hall said that the Executive Branch donated some of its payroll to have extended hours during finals last semester and that he is supportive of longer library hours.

Senate President Nathan Davison said that he will lobby for longer hours and try to use statistics explaining student needs to strengthen his case.

Sen. Ryan Iacovacci said the state Legislature should be providing public schools with more money and that there is a disconnect between where the money is going and what the students need.

Justin Bragan said that it is going to take outside financial sources to better address student needs for more library time.

Senate Pro-Tempore Nicole Randazzo said she holds the administration responsible since they could afford financial cuts in order to help the students.

Gregory “Butters” Morgan, SG director of student life and development, said that he would work with administrators and refuse to take no for an answer.

The candidates and their running mates were also asked how they would show their progress throughout their presidency. Davison said he would make information readily available about the Executive Branch and Sen. Cordell Chavis said he will provide a monthly report of Executive activity. Sriram Madhusoodanan said that he and Iacovacci will have a WBUL program during which they will discuss what is happening and Iacovacci said he will increase communication between SG and students.

Bragan said he wants to write a recurring column in the Oracle to keep students informed.

Randazzo said she will use WUSF to reach the students with updates and survey the students to see what needs to be done. Morgan said he would have a show on WBUL and use the resources already available to bring back accountability. Hall said he and Taylor will have a weekly newsletter.

Each ticket was also asked about topics pertaining to their campaign.

Iacovacci and Madhusoodanan were asked how they plan to implement a recycling program and how much it would cost. They said that it wouldn’t cost much and that they would work with Randazzo and the strides she has already made to increase recycling on campus.

Morgan and King were asked why they want to implement a council, if it would reduce conflict and how much it would cost. They said it would centralize things and have no financial impact. It would, however, require significant effort and would utilize Student Affairs.

Hall was questioned about his investigation for impeachment by the SG Senate and how he was handling the situation. Taylor clarified that his running mate was no longer being investigated and Hall said he is handling all problems internally.

Davison and Chavis were asked if their “DC” symbol was a copyright infringement against DC Shoes. Davison said it was not and that he had written proof from lawyers, giving them permission.

Bragan and Dawson were asked why they thought improving the Bull Runner was a top priority. They said they want to address student needs and reroute the Bull Runner to benefit students and get them where they need to go. They said their plan would use resources already available and not cost extra.

Randazzo and Damys were asked how they could impact class scheduling. They said they want to create more class sections since it is an administrative decision.

Randazzo said she will lobby the state and the administration to adhere to student needs.

Voting for student body president and vice president is Tuesday and Wednesday at