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UP officers awarded

At the University Police Annual Recognition Party, UP Chief Thomas Longo thanked officers and handed out awards for continued service.

Detective Mike Conway was honored for 30 years with University Police (UP). Sergeants Charlotte Domingo and Sergeant Andrew Cafarelli were honored for 20 years of service with the agency.

Employee of the Year – which is an award for non-sworn officers – was given to Gaetano Siciliano. Siciliano handles Information Technology and computer issues. Sargeant Tom Bobrowski was given the award for Community Interaction Officer of the Year. Bobrowski, according to Lt. Meg Ross, is credited with creating the first dedicated DUI checkpoint and organizing the “Ride for Ron” – a memorial fundraiser for Sgt. Ron Harrison of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office who was killed in August of 2007. The ride benefited Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) of Hillsborough County.

The Officer of the Year award went to Nick Marckese. Marckese is a Field Training Officer and has been especially busy over the last few months training new hires, Ross said.

Marckese then stood up to acknowledge Crpl. Stephanie Crookston for her work representing UP through the Police Benevolent Association in contract negotiations with the university.

“We have 2,500 good reasons to say thank you,” he said, referring to the cash bonuses won for the officers.

Closing the ceremony, Longo said that the last few years had been tough.

“It hasn’t been an easy couple of years,” Longo said. “I applaud you for what you do. I know you could be doing it elsewhere for more.”