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Letters to the Editor 10/21

War protesters are not seeing reality

Where are all of these “No War On Iraq” flyers coming from? Paste ’em here, staple ’em there, hand ’em out to the passer-by.

I think it would be fair to say majority rules in not wanting any war(s). Where were you the eight years Clinton was in office and we went hightailing into Bosnia, the Philippines, Somalia, Columbia, etc.? I certainly didn’t hear you beating your peace drums and handing out anti-war flyers then.

You people just don’t get it, do you? Hussein is not dealing with a “full-deck.” Big, bad Hussein has a smile across his lips and lighter in his pocket to ignite a fuzzy fuse. Hello, knock, knock … anyone in there? He doesn’t like us, and that includes all of you. He doesn’t even like his own people; look how he treats them.

Yeah, right … let’s sit down and break bread with another guy like Hitler. Let’s tell him we love him and make him feel good about himself. Let’s give him another 450 chances to let the U.N. inspectors in to take a look around. But let’s not forget, even when he did let the inspectors in, it was when and where he said they could and could not go.

Hussein has been pulling this crap for years now. How many more chances do you anti-war folks want to give him? When he launches that first (unchecked, let’s talk and be friends) nuke and it fries your loved ones to crispy critters, get your peace-waving flyers out of the dust and wipe yourselves with them.

Only in America, this great and wonderful land, can you knuckleheads bum the flag I love, take prayer out of my schools, try to inflict your liberal viewpoints on each and every person, put down and condemn the leaders in power and then turn around and defend some radical America-hating individual like Saddam Hussein.

Only in America can I drive down a road and see more foreign country flags hanging from rear-view mirrors than the good ole’ U.S.A. flag. Only in America can goof-balls like you war protesters stand on freedom’s soil and pass out flyers stating you’d rather see Iraq get away with creating biological and nuclear warfare than stand behind the country and leaders that give you the privilege of your freedoms. Go figure.

Go hug a tree, save your photocopied paper, look reality in the face, stop living in the world of plush toys. There are bad people in this world; Hussein happens to be one of them. You war protesters would be the first ones to scream “civil rights violations” if nothing was done to keep Hussein in check. And if he did blow-up your candy-coated world, you’d wanna know why no one protected you. Come on people, wake up.

Thomas Felicio is a sophomore majoring in fine arts.