SG gets Forum feedback

Students want to see more police officers at USF and think food on campus costs too much.

And they overwhelmingly want more parking.

Just as important to some is the utopian idea of a free skate park on campus and pencil sharpeners in the Chemistry building.

Obvious or bizarre, vague or precise, these and many other concerns were gathered from surveys filled out by about 700 students at a recent open forum held by Student Government on Nov. 5.

Loren Glaser, the chair of the senate committee that organized the forum, gave senators the first look at a list of student recommendations at SG Senate’s weekly meeting Tuesday.

The list, compiled by the Organizational Outreach Committee from student responses at the Forum, was divided into 19 subheadings ranging from recycling to Greek life.

The lengthy list will help SG decide what it needs to do for next semester and beyond.

“Between the senate and executive leadership, we’ll start to look at all these concerns and set out our agenda for the next year,” Senate President Nathan Davison said after the meeting, adding that he told senators to pick a few items from the list and try to fix them.

Safety, a hot-button issue on campus this semester, received about 20 responses at the forum.

Nine students wanted more UP officers, and five just wanted better security in general. A few felt that the campus at night needs either more lights or a more visible police presence.

The number of events held on campus evidently frustrated some students. More than 30 respondents said they would like to see more, specifically naming concerts, guest speakers, “school spirit events/activities,” and multicultural events, among others.

Not surprisingly, parking was the No. 1 issue on the list, as it was at last year’s Forum, with just under 100 complaints about the lack of parking spaces and the price of permits.

After parking, tuition and an on-campus stadium registered the most responses, with 11 each.