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Gamers get generous

Lately video gamers have been taking a beating, with of all the accusations saying that video games lead to violence.

For instance, “even a brief exposure to violent video games can temporarily increase aggressive behavior,” said Craig A. Anderson, Ph.D., in a study published in the Journal of Social and Personality Psychology.

Child’s Play is a foundation created to set these harsh assertions straight.

Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins from Penny Arcade (an online video game and comic strip Web site) started the foundation. The goal is to get gamers to donate toys to sick children who may not receive presents during the holidays.

Krahulik described Child’s Play as a Seattle-based, gamer-run organization that holds an annual toy drive for children’s hospitals. Many gamers send video games and gaming systems, but any type of toy is accepted – from coloring books and crayons to action figures.

Founded in 2003, Child’s Play has collected over $2 million in donated toys and books. This year the foundation aims to raise $750,000 since its hospital lists have grown.

Child’s Play is joining the gaming community to support a charitable cause, but the foundation isn’t just for gamers. It is reaching out to anyone who wants to donate.

“I know what it’s like to be in the hospital, and if you don’t have anything to keep you occupied it can be a scary experience,” said Nathaniel.

Jordan-Sikos, a donor to Child’s Play, in a letter to the creators of the organization. “I never had it too bad. But from a former patient’s perspective, this charity is one of the best and most meaningful events of the holiday season.”

Child’s Play has teamed up with to provide an efficient and easy way for donors to buy and ship toys. The cut-off deadline is Dec. 20 to ensure that all the toys are shipped in time for the holidays.