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Cyclists ride for one of their own

It was an emotional experience for the members of the USF Cycling Team on Saturday as they traveled the same road where their founder Josh Kuck died nearly a month ago.

The memorial ride followed the same route of the 2007 Hilly Hundred cycling event where Kuck was killed by a collision by a motor vehicle Oct. 22.

Brandon Crain, who partnered with Kuck to found the USF cycling team, said the early-morning ride was part of the mourning process.

“I think this is a closure experience for a lot of us,” Crain said. “I know many had not been back to the site yet. So riding up there and being able to see the site of the accident … I think it was helpful for everyone to come out and do this.”

The annual Hilly Hundred event will be renamed the “The Hilly Hundred, in Memory of Josh Kuck,” and all of its proceeds will go to a scholarship fund named after Kuck.

Ruben Watson, president of the Tampa Bay Freewheelers and organizer of the Hilly Hundred, said he thought the memorial fund should raise hundreds of thousands of

dollars over the next few years.

Members of the local cycling community and friends of Kuck also showed up at the event.

After the event, team members vowed to continue on with the goals Kuck was working toward.

“I cannot think of any greater tribute to Josh than to do (this ride),” said Dana Temple, Kuck’s stepfather. “This is what he would have wanted. This was his life.”