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Letters to the Editor

What happened? Where did they go? What happened to the team that beat then-No. 17 Auburn? Where is the team that beat West Virginia twice in a row when the Mountaineers were a Top 10 team? What happened to the team that destroyed UCF?

That team was supposed to have been in New Jersey and Connecticut, but failed to show up. And the Bulls sure weren’t at Raymond James Stadium on Nov. 3. Well, at least not all of them.

It’s been three weeks, Coach – someone needs to file a missing persons report. Yes, some of the players showed up, and others took a while to get there, but most of them did not show until the final minutes Saturday, and by then, it was too little, too late.

For the past three weeks, only about five of the players from that extraordinary team could be found at one time, and they didn’t always hang around. Those who made blocks, held on to passes and held the line even stopped the nation’s leading rusher.

The Bulls had an extraordinary opportunity to have an undefeated season and quite possibly appear in a BCS Bowl – if not play for a national championship. But that team is gone, at least for now, and only a few of the players have been found recently, showing their true colors in their amazingly close comeback against Cincinnati.

It takes more than a few good players to win, however. It takes a team like last month’s USF Bulls. Find yourselves and finish strong. No more excuses, no more close defeats. The Bulls have the skill but need more heart. Finish strong, Bulls. Find yourselves and finish strong. USF knows you can, and the University community has seen it.

Andrew Gibbs is a senior majoring in electrical engineering.