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Eight cars towed from Holly

University Police discovered 20 cars illegally parked in the bikes lanes of E. Holly Dr. on Sunday morning and towed eight of them.

Officers contacted the owners and gave them five minutes to move their cars. All but eight showed up.

“The ones that we can’t get a hold of are the ones that inevitably get towed,” said UP Sergeant Frank Wassenberg.

The job took over an hour and required the full attention of three of the four officers on duty.

It is most likely, Wassenberg said, that the cars belonged to tired Bulls fans.

“I have a hunch that it was probably due to the football game yesterday. A lot of people probably came in late last night and left their vehicles there and slept in late this morning,” Wassenberg said.

Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) usually tows illegally parked vehicles, but this time UP had to call an outside agency, A&M Towing.

“PTS only tows out of parking lots, and they don’t work on weekends,” Wassenberg said.

Money generated from tickets that PTS writes flows back to the PTS budget. The same is not true for UP, however, according to Wassenberg.

“We don’t see a penny of any tickets that we write,” he said.

Students must pay $180 to retrieve their cars from the impound lot. A&M Towing will charge $20 for each additional day the cars remain on the lot, Wassenberg said.

The owners of the impounded vehicles should report to UP to identify themselves and verify the ownership of the towed car. UP will direct the students to the towing company.

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