Letters to the Editor

Dear students,

There is no better time to be a Bulls fan. USF students now have the privilege of being part of USF athletic history and will remember this season, when the Bulls tore through every expectation to reach unprecedented success as the No. 5 team in the country.

And now that the Bulls are in the national limelight, it’s time for Bulls’ fans to demonstrate why USF deserves to be here.

There are many elite football programs known for their offensive treatment of opponents’ fans, and USF should not be one of them. When University of Central Florida fans make their way to Tampa this Saturday, Garin and I encourage each of you to be hospitable and treat them respectfully. USF students need to show that they not only have the top-ranked team in the state, but that they also have the attitudes to back it up come game time.

Bulls fans should look to Auburn fans as an example of good sportsmanship. When thousands of USF students traveled to Auburn, they enjoyed true Southern hospitality. While students tailgated together, they traded stories about past football games and experiences at the different universities. Auburn fans shared hotdogs and hamburgers with USF fans, and USF fans even compared the school’s short football career with their 76 winning seasons. As both USF and Auburn fans marched toward the stadium, South Florida and War Eagle chants mixed together in a thunderous echo. Sure, trash talking took place and both teams showed their competitive spirit, but the environment never grew hostile.

Student support for the Bulls has grown exponentially this season, and the surge of school spirit is a source of pride for the entire USF community. Students should continue building new traditions and establishing USF as a top football program this weekend by respecting each other and visiting fans.

In Bull Pride,

Garin Flowers, Student Body President and Farran Abassi, Student Body Vice President