President Genshaft mingles with masses

As lost freshmen and transfer students wandered around campus and hurried to class, USF’s first lady stopped to introduce herself.

She’s been doing it for six years and says she loves every minute of it. On Tuesday, President Judy Genshaft continued her tradition of shaking hands with students found walking around campus.

At first students appeared startled as a stranger approached with a hand extended. But they quickly warmed up as Genshaft sparked up conversation about Round-Up, the upcoming football season and classes.

Student Body President Barclay Harless and Vice President Garin Flowers tagged along, introducing themselves to fellow students. The pack made its way from the Marshall Center to the library, speaking to about 50 students on the way.

Genshaft greeted cars in traffic exiting the parking garage, reminding them to deck their cars with USF plates and


Cynthia Visot, chief of staff, said that Genshaft gives students wearing other universities’ apparel a hard time. At the library, she gave a student with a University of Florida T-shirt some grief.

“It’s important to me that students really love USF,” said Genshaft.

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